Dancing Dragonflies

Rum and Robots

Poem Written By Joni Caggiano on 06/27/20 – Photo by Alise AliNari on Pexels.com

The fly fisherman is performing ballet with his line
Celebrating God’s creation with the rising sunshine

Viewing the immense buck in a soft meadow of clover
Floating on a tender moment until my pain slid over

Retinas reflecting the brilliant yellow of the sunflower
Squirrels eat the seeds as they bend their giant tower

Dragonflies carry fairies across the effervescing creek
Their travels a solace for aging tribes, hungry or week

Giant is the trout as it flies through the air with pride
Feeling anxious, as my grief is stuck, buried deep inside

Our promise was I would always be the first one to go
Eating ripe figs dipped in honey, this was the seed in tow

Honeysuckle and jasmine fill the air with aromas sweet
Shedding my clothes in the humid, thick Carolina heat


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