Bashful Lily

Rum and Robots

Poem written by Joni Caggiano on 06/25/20 – Photo by Couleur on

black and white notes of the wide-eyed dusty piano
spare the two lovers their uncharted melody
bare windows are dripping tales on the inside
while flushed water lilies turn their petals bashfully
emerald green and scarlet was their cottage on the sea
rising from the bed now, sated, he moves with a focus
smelling bacon, and fresh coffee brewing, her smile floats
tastebuds form a map, that takes her towards the smells;
sand, odorous, and damp sheets create their beloved nest
love had been born, bred and resurrected within these walls
symbolic of the perfect pearl, aging in its oyster shell
“for sale,” their sixty years of marriage, is now dishonored
their story reduced to an insensitive, and strange realtor’s tale

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