Feelin’ It

Peacock Poetry

I am a highly sentient being and feel emotions on steroids most of the time! The gift of this is that I easily detect and relate to emotions in others and have an awareness of what is really going on around me. Feeling everything so intensely has its challenges for sure and yet I wouldn’t have it any other way for it makes me feel alive.


I’m touched by life, it’s how I tick

I feel my feels or else I’m sick

I don’t do numb, I don’t do static

My colours vivid and dramatic

I’m touched by life, it’s how I work

It comes with setbacks and with perks

Intense at times to be like this

At others light and full of bliss

I’m touched by life, it’s how I’m formed

The roller coaster is my norm

An open sponge, no neutral brick

I’m touched by life, it’s…

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2 thoughts on “Feelin’ It

  1. I am a bit like her, I feel too much. What a sweet poem and an even sweeter photograph. It looks like she is holding a sunbeam. Lovely. Have a blessed day my friend. Love 💕 Joni

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