Cemetery Lake

Rum and Robots

Ripples roll over me tonight with an adrift half moon
Lurking with grey shadows wounding dreams too soon
Bulky the arm, of the once firm oak, crying as it floats
Lost laughter of children fishing in old wooden boats
Water moccasins slither, stirring lifeless toads, and weave
In and out of silt made of chemicals, and fetid brown leaves
Insects, rotting fish, and poison clams, a graveyard make
Like a hawk to new hatchlings, death won this fine lake

Written by Joni Caggiano 06/22/20

Photo by Korhan Erdol on Pexels.com

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2 thoughts on “Cemetery Lake

  1. Thank you John for the kind reblog. I trust you are having a blessed day and that all is well in your world. I know this upside down feeling many of us are feeling now is not fun. I do hope you and all your loved ones are well. Sending rainbows of colors to you this morning. Hugs 🤗 Joni

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