The Tour-Ed Mine and Museum, Tarentum, Pennsylvania

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad


You arrive.  You put on your hard hat.  You sit down at the safety meeting where you are given a briefing for the safety measures for the day.  Once the briefing is completed, you then proceed to the mine train that will take you to where you will be working for the day.  You walk through the mine removing coal from the different veins.  When the day is done, you get aboard the mine train, and you ride to the surface.  You step the train and remove your hard hat.  The boss says, “I hope that you enjoyed your tour of the Tour-Ed Mine.  Please come back.”


Some of you have just fallen out of your seat.


Welcome to the Tour-Ed Mine and Museum.  Be advised.  This is not your typical mine tour.  You will feel like you are in a mine as soon as you leave the parking lot. …

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