Pitter Patter

Peacock Poetry

I was touched when a friend asked me to write a poem about the arrival of her grandchild. Touched because although I am a daughter I am neither a Mother or Grandmother and it meant a lot that she valued my ability to poetically empathise with a sentiment that I had not directly experienced. I had plenty of stuff to draw on it turned out and penned the following lines.


A tiny part of me lies there

in awe I stand admiring

Those baby fingertips, that stare

transfixing and inspiring

A newfound love beyond all words

It’s like infatuation

The world around becoming blurred

My life’s continuation

A secret door inside unlocks

Your purity disarms me

You melt the places I feel blocked

To hold you close, it calms me

I want the very best for you

You fill me with elation

Oh baby girl, I feel so moved

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