Until the Battle is Done

House of Heart

Courage is a leopard her cubs in danger

rushing forward without hesitation to face the foe.

It is looking your greatest fear in the eye

leaning forward,  stepping across that

line you dare not cross,   lungs bursting

thoughts racing,  adrenaline heart pounding,

defending the defenseless in the arena of dread.

Facing the enemy, confronting the bully,

challenging the antagonist until the battle is won.

celtic women | Tumblr

Celtic Woman by Mali

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5 thoughts on “Until the Battle is Done

  1. Beautiful lines and great metaphor with the animal and the bully. I love this because it addresses such a problem young people are having to deal with now. I was bullied as a child and many of us were but now it is done on social media. Thank you for speaking the truth so elegantly. Love and hugs 💕Joni

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