Core Values

Peacock Poetry

One day last week I was feeling a little blown off course by a life event and so decided to go out for my jog as getting into my body always puts me back in contact with myself. After I’d finished I sat on a bench by the river and was drawn to a tree which seemed to be standing so unapologetically in its sacred ground that I could not help but feel a similar sense of natural belonging.

Tree-mendous Teaching

There is a long established tree

of dignified dimensions

That towers right in front of me

inviting strong intentions

For what I see is “This is me”

I need no explanations

I will not make apologies

I stand in celebration

His roots are fed, the riverbed

one source of his survival

and by his sacredness I’m fed

and sense my soul’s revival

May I accept the Light in me

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2 thoughts on “Core Values

  1. Oh I love this. What a magnificent tree, and a beautiful poem you wrote. I also love the trees. Your poem really is a celebration to the trees, forest and the individual tree itself as well as mother nature. It always helps me as well to get out in nature. Every tree in our yard has its own personality to me. I wish I could run, I bet it feels wonderful. A water skiing accident ended with surgery which makes it almost impossible to run but I do walk. I am grateful for the ability to use my legs and body to get me out and around the beauty surrounding us. Everyone doesn’t have that ability, I am certainly grateful I do. Thanks for the lovely celebration of nature. Love Joni

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