My Honey Bee

Rum and Robots

Like honey the smell of the pink feathery blooms of the mimosa
Are my contemplations of your wrinkled brow when I shall weep
Knowing already, tender wounds which drip blood, that cut deep

Dressings are indulgent shadows of a multitude of kisses laid soft
To divert recollections that burden the holes where tears do pour
Foulness one tries to scrub off with steel brushes until far too sore

My honeybee, tasting the pollen off my au fait heart when in bloom
Dusting off sands of sorrow, freeing soft breaths once held captive
My tree grows a thousand blossoms, and my bees are more active

Safety lies within your gift of love; oneness birthed upon our union
Sharing hearts, where cells divide and fall upon one another at night
intertwining my legs with yours, we drop buckets of pollen in flight

Poem written by Joni 6/5/20 – Song below repost –…

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