The Gallitzin Tunnels Park and Museum, Gallitzin, Pennsylvania

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad


The city of Altoona, Pennsylvania, United States of America is a railroad lover’s heaven.  It is home to many great railroad sites.  You have the Railroader’s Memorial Museum.  You have the Portage Railroad National Historic Site.  You have the Everett Railroad excursion train in Hollidaysburg.  For those who are into engineering marvels, you have the world-famous Horseshoe Curve.  You cannot forget the railroad shops that are located here.  Some claim that Altoona is the railroad capital of America due to the number of railroad sites, but some would disagree as other cities have been given that name.  Regardless, the city is a great place if you love the railroad.  Along with the sites mentioned, there is one railroad engineering marvel that is little known.


Welcome to the Gallitzin Tunnels in Tunnel Hill, Pennsylvania.  What is special about the Gallitzin Tunnels?  That is a great question.  The same rail line that…

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