Kinetic Poetics

Peacock Poetry

How we manage our personal energy is an interesting one. I have ridiculous amounts of energy which I need to channel quite consciously in order to feel balanced. When I operate on full power then my energy can be quite intense, both for myself and others. In a session with my coach a while ago we explored what I experience when I turn my energy dial up to the highest notch (number 5) and this discovery manifested in the following poem.

High Five

When I’m on five, it’s five alive

Intensely light and playful

A little Charleston, lots of jive

I thrive and there’s no label

No need to sweat or toil or strive

My essence full and vital

Life feels like one great sky dive

Now I’m free from self-titles

There’s fun and frolics, grow, survive

There’s merry, berry mayhem

I’m buzzing like a big bee hive

The cynics…

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2 thoughts on “Kinetic Poetics

  1. I really enjoyed this, I wish I had more five days then I do. I think it is great, I like this poem because it allows us to celebrate ourselves, no explanation needed. Like when I am frenziedly dancing around the house to some old but great tune and the dogs are looking at me like they are a little bit frightened. I love it when I have a five point day. Great poem. hugs, Joni

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