Full of Beans

Peacock Poetry

I am quite an excitable being, it has to be said, and there are days in which I feel literally high on life. Not every day of course is filled with the same enthusiasm but when this feeling arises my energy is joyful, childlike and abundant! Sometimes a little overwhelming in fact for my long suffering partner Android! What are you excited about these days?

High Life

The feeling of in-love-with-life

is hopelessly addictive

and those you meet all want a slice

It turns the soul quite fictive

Though in-your-face, it flies with grace

You thrive through your aliveness

No ounce of juicyness we waste

Contagious is our blitheness

Be grateful when this feeling’s rife

For minds can be restrictive

It’s felt when you’re in-love-with-life

Your hopelessly addictive

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