Parrot Fashion

Peacock Poetry

Whilst in Barcelona back in January I had a few days in my own company preparing for an important meeting. Thankfully I managed to bag a small and quirky room in an unpretentious hotel that happened to be located directly opposite a City park, giving me a much needed sense of home from home. I spent the majority of my time parading around the park much appreciating the company of the bright green Monk parakeets who are the subject of today’s poem!


You were a gorgeous green gaggle, gathering in the park Joan Miró

in tropical exuberance

I would have believed you to be rare exotic species had your humble origins

not been revealed to me by

a knowing local

Cotorras… it rolls off the tongue

Your particularly proud parrot shades carrying me to places of growth

and hope

and joyful celebrations

A sign of a part of me…

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