Here Comes the Steam Locomotive

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad

IMG_4891Number 3 Hocking Valley Railroad Nelsonville Ohio

You can see it coming from miles away.  You are waiting.  You see the smoke going high into the sky.  It is coming closer and closer and closer.  You hear the whistle blow, and it blows again and again and again.  Then, it is here.  You see the steam locomotive speeding towards you.  In a flash, it passes you.  The steam blows all over you.  The train rolls by, and then you see the caboose.  The steam is all above you.  The effects are staying with you, but it is a great feeling to have.

B&O 5300 George Washington Baltimore MarylandC&O 2732 Science Museum of Virginia Richmond Virginia

There is some about the steam locomotive that catches everyone’s attention.  Unlike the diesel locomotives of today, there is a uniqueness to the steam locomotive.  Even those who are not fans of the railroad are fascinated by the steam locomotive.  Every steam locomotive has a special uniqueness to them.  From the smokestack to the boiler…

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