Rock pool Cool

Peacock Poetry

One fine morning during my girlie holiday to Porto a few years back I ventured to the local Foz seafront to marvel at the waves once again. It was really warm for a February morning and I glimpsed some rock pools which captured my attention for a good few minutes and of course prompting me to pen a little ditty about them whatever not?! Rock pool connections have stayed on my mind

Rock Pool

Mussels and limpets and slimy seaweed

A miniature empire that’s hidden

Some cling to the rock, bottle tops, how they breed

To venture inside seems forbidden

Although the bright light of the day manifests

You favour the secret dark pockets

Safe from the sun, you are wise to protect

And who are we humans to knock it?

Making displays of the maritime kind

No two rocks with the same shaped mosaic

I sit by the rock…

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