The Elation of Creation

Peacock Poetry

Four years ago when I began writing poetry I made a promise to myself to write something every day and have pretty much stuck to this. Some days all I have time for is a simple Acrostic but mostly I make time for a decent poetic outpour. Poetry is such a big part of my life now and today’s offering is a reminder to keep the promise I made to myself back in the day as the creative life is, in my book, a fulfilling one!

The Write Time

Don’t forget to write

Bring on your daily fix

Creative lights shine bright

Dream up your new word mix

Your soul requires expressing

Your passion wants its say

Come on now, no more messing

Indulge us in wordplay!

You love the rhyme gymnastics

You owe it to yourself

It’s free and you’re ecstatic

And joy counts more than wealth

Yes, now…

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