VINTAGE: The Gettysburg Railroad

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad

I  wrote  this  many  years  ago.  Sadly,  the  train  is  no  longer  running.  I  hope  that  you  enjoy  it.

Welcome to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  It is here where many major roads meet.  If you ask most people what they know about Gettysburg, they will tell you that the Civil War happened here.  It is true that a major battle of the Civil War happened here.  In matter of fact, the battle was the turning point of the war.  The battlefield surrounds the town.  However, there is more to this town than people know.

The town is a major crossroads for many traveling routes.  This is one of the reasons why this became the place where one of the greatest conflicts of the Civil War happened.

Even today it is a crossroads, but not for war.  It is a major tourist attraction.  I could spend a long time telling you about this…

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