A Ride in Her Caboose

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad

Old Caboose Sophia West Virginia

It was a day.  There was nothing particular about the day.  It had twenty four hours that began and ended at midnight.  Each hour had sixty minutes in it with each minute having sixty seconds.  There was day and night with morning, afternoon and evening.  It was within a week, a month and a year.  It was just a day.

I was in a park.  It was a park that was like any other park.  It had trees and walking paths and benches and a fountain.  I was sitting on a bench reading a book.  It was peaceful and quiet.  Then there was a toot.  I thought I was hearing things as there were no train tracks anywhere near the park, but I looked in front of me and saw tracks rising up out of the grass.  I glance and see a steam locomotive made of shiny solid gold approaching. …

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