Ice Hot

Peacock Poetry

Today’s steamy scribing was inspired by a very tactile time in Germany! I followed a prompt to write this in which we were encouraged to juxtapose opposites to create dramatic effect. I opted for hot and cold and was intrigued to reread the end result!

Mercurial Massage

Smooth circles under the ridged roof

The freezing falls flood over me

My helpless flesh melting into your taunting touch

Your fingertips crash like breaking waves over my beaten back

We both know where this is going

Inundated by an immense icy interlude

Each prolonged plunging heightening the ambient arousal

The sharp shock spanks my soul

Still clothed.

Stinging skin ripe with revival

I come back for more despite myself

My muscles mash into a defenceless pulp

Aching for the wanton whooshing of glacial globules I hand over the rights to control

Goosepimpled grin releasing the superfluous remnants

Content to surrender to my…

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