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Peacock Poetry

Many a nature classic is tripping off the tongue as I go for my morning walks at the moment. We have been blessed with such amazing weather of late and, whilst there is so much suffering in the world, at least nature seems to be getting a breather. I never feel more myself than when I’m out a wandering and I guess this is really nothing new to my regular readers!

Roaming Home

Nature is my family, my home and my belonging

Within its nest I can be me, no judgment and no wronging

The great outdoors is in my pores, outside I’m so much freer

When I need space and feel unsure, I need the forest nearer

Nature is a necessity, my ground and my protector

and Gaia gleams majestically within each each flower’s nectar

Today the chill brings joyful thrills, a brighter sense of longing

Nature is my…

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One thought on “Fresh Air Share

  1. I agree! There’s nothing more comforting than being out in nature. My rides to the lake and parks are refreshing and they are good places to walk without crowds of people. Nature is totally awesome.

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