Having Fun on the Rails

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad

ec52d18d87c5617496bd1f1039cb2b3bWe know what some of you are thinking.  You see those railroad tracks before you.  You first thought is, “Can I balance myself on those rails.”

3e3c7c3592dc1ba2ff609f87c689911aYou think, and you think, and you think.  You put your best foot forward… on top of the rail.  Then you lift your other in the air.  You walk the rail like you walk a balance beam.  You make progress, but you fall off.  You just get back up and continue.  You go a little way.  You turn around and walk back.  You step off feeling good about yourself.

e72219d18276f9c3e6eca27ece7bf67eSo, you are not a balancer.  You just want to stretch yourself to see if you can tough both rails.  Some stretch their legs.  Some put their feet on one rail and their hands on the other.  Some of you try to lay your head on the rail and lift your feet in the air.

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