Symphony – The #Magic and #Mystery of #Music



For Katelyn and Laura….

Rush to my Heart So I May Listen
As the Moment Sweetly Unfolds;
Play Upon my Dearest Notions,
In Swells and Sighs, Like Fens and Wolds.

Stir my Senses, Lyric Melody,
Glory to my Attentive ear;
Symphonic Mastery, Ply Thy Magic,
To my eye Bring Joyous Tears.

Uplifting Serenade of Beauty,
Like a Dove O’re All is Flying;
Splendor Rides Upon Thy Wing,
While I Stand, Entranced and Sighing.


For the Soul is Music itself.

These Beautifully stirring and thought-provoking words were written by an inspiring fellow blogger (Ihsan at When I read them I was instantly swept away by their immensity and connotation.
How I Cherish this thought, that the Soul within each one of us is Music. How exceedingly lovely to think of the Soul as Melody, Harmony, Rhythm, Breath, Song, and Sweetly Symphonic Sound.

Imagine, if you will, Beethoven, Mozart, Bach…

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