Steel Magnolias

Peacock Poetry

Right now we are having to draw on a lot of our inner resources in order to feel our way through changing times. Here in Switzerland most places are closed and social distancing is in place but we are still, for now, allowed out in nature. Thank goodness for that I say, I would have hated to have missed the blooming of the beautiful magnolia, the fair subject of today’s poem.

Ms Magnolia

Can’t wait for you to flourish

For your Spring buds to burst

For when you bloom you nourish

Your wisdom scents my verse

There is no other like you

Each year you catch my breath

Too sumptuous for Haikus

You ooze with graceful text

Silk ovals pink and creamy

By night, serene perfume

You make my soul go dreamy

Beneath the humbled moon

Ephemeral your beauty

When summer’s fire appears

Your petals now off duty

Cry down…

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