Together we are Stronger

Peacock Poetry

The current climate really calls for us to dig deep, get resourceful and pool together. We are all in the same boat and needing to adapt creatively to a very new and constantly evolving set of circumstances. It is vital that we love ourselves and each other all the more through these challenging times. Today’s poem is about the opportunity that as adversity gives us to connect and unite.

Infectious Spirit

Fighting fear with love

allows us to unite

It helps us rise above

get through these frightening nights

It is our solidarity

that builds the strength required

Away with all disparity

Together we rise higher

Let’s focus on the whole

and choose our thoughts with care

Infect the world with soul

May faith and light be shared

The news it may engage us

intention is the key

Let’s make our hope contagious

and spread humanity

Just words are not…

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