Pennypacker Mills, Schwenksville, Pennsylvania

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad


About a little over thirty miles northwest of the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is a small town known as Schwenksville.  In this town is where you will find Pennypacker Mills.  Who is it named after?  It was the home of Samuel Whitaker Pennypacker who served as the governor of the state of Pennsylvania from 1903 to 1907.  However, it was not named after the governor.  It was named after the brother of his great-great-grandfather Peter Pennypacker who owned and operated the mill.  Samuel bought the property from a cousin who was a descendant of Peter Pennypacker because he was interested in the family history, and it was a great was a great location in the country.  (The land was also the site of an encampment for George Washington and his army during the American Revolutionary War.)  When you visit Pennypacker Mills, you will see the home the way it was…

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