The Whole Damn Lot

Peacock Poetry

The ability to feel and express is what makes us human and yet we invest way too much energy in resisting our emotions. When we let our feelings show we release tension and heal and they usually pass by naturally like temporary storms. Today’s post is an unabashed tribute to feeling!

Feeling it

Let me feel the sorrow

and let me feel the pain

With no thought of tomorrow

No added layer of shame

Yes let me feel the emptiness

The loneliness, the grief

None of us exempt from this

They’re all part of life’s brief

Oh let me feel that aching sense

Of passion in my loins

The feelings at their most intense

Where raw and messy join

Let me feel vivacity

The fullness of my range

I have a huge capacity

To be with what’s untamed

I want to feel the heady heights

Of joy, lust and desire

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