Write to Express

Peacock Poetry

Writing a poem a day has now been a habit for five years and I cannot imagine a day without writing! Putting my thoughts and feelings into words is fun, satisfying and downright therapeutic. I like to write my poetry first thing in the morning where possible as that’s the time when ideas seem to come flowing.


Without my early writing time

Sometimes myself I caught

Feeling not quite in my prime

and rather out of sorts

In disbelief – my own time thief

My routine goes awry

It’s like I haven’t brushed my teeth

When myself I deprive

So come what may I seize the day

Transcribe myself on paper

Not always in a clever way

but I record my capers

I guess my poetry defines

my purpose and much more

I find myself inside my lines

A poet to the core

Photo : https://writingcooperative.com/how-to-write-a-poem-7251042873e6?gi=99b2ddc04750

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