Tame Shame

Peacock Poetry

One of the hardest battles us humans face is the one against shame. All too often we internalise experiences, assuming responsibility and ingesting a sense of personal fault. Sometimes we have to shame our shame itself in order to shake off unjust and unnecessary self-criticism and I chose to have my show down poetically!


Shame is very hard to tame

It labels us and judges

‘We only have ourselves to blame’

Our joy it so begrudges!

Shame is in the hall of fame

For causing truth’s contortion

It thrives on fear and calls us names

We doubt and seek precaution

But seen with courage, shame is lame

Its words become less daunting

The only way to beat shame’s game

Our light drowns out its taunting

Photo : https://www.freepik.com/premium-vecto

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