Shadow – Gabriela M.


My indecipherable shadow on that faraway beach. You talked to it.

I did not hear what you said because I wasn’t there. I was in the cemetery looking for a grave. I couldn’t find it.

Name after name stuck on crosses.

Trophies of death lurking in the heat like carcasses hanging on a rail.

Concentrated flavors of withered roses.

I am telling you I went to the wrong cemetery. My feet got puffy. Was I wearing somebody else’s shoes?

The sunset lifted me in the air.

Good, I thought. Now, perhaps I could find the grave. I looked down and instead I saw shadows dancing on the top of each cross. I searched for my own. It wasn’t there.

Ah, now I remember.

First you kept my shadow with you on the beach.

Later you buried it into the ocean’s waves.

You did it, didn’t you?

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