Tribe Vibe

Peacock Poetry

In May 2019 I embarked upon a nine month inner leadership journey which has changed my life in many ways. Going through this intense and transformational experience alongside 22 other fellow ‘Iguanas’ has been humbling, strengthening and a complete honour. We found out that a collective of iguanas is known as a ‘mess’ and messy we do indeed get at times! As we approach our final retreat I just wanted to share a little tribute I wrote to my much-treasured tribe. More from me in two weeks time when I return from sunny Spain!


When darkness blinds me to my shine

They catch me come what may

When I trust in I always find

Their light reveals my way

A knowing hum, we breathe as we one

Apart yet still together

In moments tough and moments fun

You stay with me whatever

It’s humbling now that I belong


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