A Many Splendored Thing

Peacock Poetry

Today’s post is an unabashed celebration of love in its myriad of forms and expressions. I lost the original prelude to my poem and I think the universe was trying to tell me to let the poem speak for itself! So here’s to love and may you be showered with it!

Unveiling Love

Love’s not always soft pink fluff

Not always hearts and flowers

It’s sometimes saying what is tough

and staying through long hours

Love’s not always Disney style

or happily ever afters

It makes us cry, it makes us smile

Eternal quest, love’s path is

Love’s not always man and wife

Not always picture perfect

and yet it’s love which gives us life

and makes the whole thing worth it

It’s up and down, it’s joy and frowns

It’s friendship, trust and passion

It can uplift us and astound

It can’t be bought or rationed

Too much of…

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