Too much Information

Peacock Poetry

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I am not exactly a city girl! Too long in a city and I feel overwhelmed and pine for the familiar feel of tranquil hills and sleepy sheep! I make an exception for Italian cities such as Firenze and Lecce which are bursting with so much charm that I am suitably distracted from myself. What is your relationship with cities?


Cities dilute me.

They strip me of colour and contour and character.

I forge ahead impatiently like a walking traffic jam

Going nowhere fast

Sure there are breathtaking buildings

and countless cute cafes

There are even bold bridges and entertaining underground systems

which make them bearable for

a weekend…

Any longer though and I feel royally slimed

by smog and sensory overload

Deprived of the satisfying solitude of serene scenery

and a million miles from


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