Natural Solutions

Peacock Poetry

Coaching in nature is a real perk of the work that I do. I absolutely love meeting my clients by the river and exploring along the buoyant banks of the Birs. Walking and coaching sessions allow my clients to stay fit, enjoy the fresh air and explore their emotions in a freeing way. Can’t say fairer than that!

Natural Coaching

Coaching in the great outdoors

Can put the world to rights

When we’re outside, we’re with what’s pure

and we’re far less uptight

Exploring themes beneath sunbeams

Beside the river banks

Helps bring us closer to our dreams

and we fill up our tanks

A nature hit, whilst getting fit

We work past blocks together

Sometimes we pause to breathe and sit

It works in every weather

If you are wanting something more

Your trust I now invite

I’ll coach you in the great outdoors

Come step into your light!

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