Cats Eyes

Peacock Poetry

As many of you that read my blog know, I am a self-confessed crazy cat lady! Our three little cuties continue to keep us amused on a daily basis by their entertaining antics and, whatever state we find ourselves in, love us (almost) unconditionally! Ok, so the lure of food might play a big hand in this, but one evening whilst having a cuddle with Ziggys, I looked into his loving marble-green eyes and felt truly accepted in a way that I just had to write about!

Fluffy Vision

I want to see myself through eyes

As loving, tender, kind and wise

As your two precious ovals green

That make me feel so kindly seen

I’d love to hold myself the way

You make me feel here as you lay

Upon my fluffy blanket lap

Where you outstretch and take your nap

For you love me without condition

Peace and…

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