A Train Ride for the Holidays

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad


It is the week of Christmas. A father, mother and teenage daughter are waiting at the train depot. What are they doing for Christmas? They are spending it on a train. The train arrives, and they board the train. They go to their seat and sit down. They look outside and watch as the train pulls from the station. The father and mother look out at the scenery, the daughter yanks off her shoes and socks and lays across the seat to sleep. The father and mother are awed by the grace of here sleepy face, and they are in awe of the scenery outside. The snow falls covering the branches. They pass over rippling creeks. What a way to spend Christmas. They snuggle each other. The mother says, “Merry Christmas.”


Whether you are riding the train or just watching trains or even working on the train. May you have…

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