Let it all Out

Peacock Poetry

Today’s poem was inspired by the words of a fellow Iguana tribe mate, Andre. Without going into a long story, suffice is to say that he was in full encouragement of my self-expression at the time of delivery! Permission to experience our life force in all of its forms is one of the most powerful gifts we can offer ourselves and others. Let it all out I say!


Dance, flow and scream

Live out the force within you

Create your wildest dreams

What’s deep within your sinews

Your fucking, fiery heart

Aches for its full expression

Allow it to impart

Its neon shade impressions

Your engine dial on max

Your fullness at your core

Deliver huge impact

You’re wild, you’re brave, you’re raw

To all around this means

That they too have permission

Dance, flow and scream

Live out the force within you

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