Blink and you Miss it

Peacock Poetry

We all know how important the present moment is and how it’s the only thing we really have in our lives and yet often we fritter it away, waiting for the future to happen. Sometimes we have to give ourselves a bloody good shake and take a moment to whole heartedly appreciate the living, breathing gift that being a human being truly is. Stop for a second. Perhaps even a little longer. What are you noticing? What are you grateful for right now?

Prime Time

There’s life in every second

Potential in each breath

Each instant green and fecund

A miracle, a quest

Within the deepest sorrow

No matter what our state

We have the choice to wallow

Or to appreciate

The symmetry surrounding

In flowers leaves and trees

Speak of a love abounding

Such freedom in the breeze

Towards the Yes we’re beckoned

Let’s ride upon the crest


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