Isett Heritage Museum, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad


What is the Isett Heritage Museum?  It is a museum located two miles outside of the town of Huntingdon, Pennsylvania.  What kind of a museum is it?  It is a museum that has a very large collection of items from the year 1800 to the present day.  Many museums have collections through various years, and many of those museums have unique items.  What makes the Isett Heritage Museum special?  It is a museum that takes you back in time.   A visit to the Isett Heritage Museum is a visit worth taking, and you will be glad to visit this museum.


Some of you are saying, “This is great.  We have another museum that has many vintage items on display.  With all this stuff, I do not see myself visiting this place.  Why?  The reason is because this is not a railroad museum.  Therefore, I will not be making my way…

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