Connected and Reflected

Peacock Poetry

There are those people in life with whom we are inextricably linked. With these kindred spirits the contact is so natural and so effortless that neither time nor physical distance can create separation. I feel fortunate to have experienced this type of effortless connection several times in my life and today’s poem is a tribute to the synchronicity of soul mates!

Quantum Entanglement

Distance means nothing

When it comes to this kind of connection

Where my every breath is felt like the soft mist on an eternal autumn garden

Where my needs are heard intuitively through rainbows and rivers

and met with love and loyalty

No, we do not need the usual social mannerisms

that squash and placate and

urge with their promise of

false security

With you, my heavy heart is held and known in intimate detail,

cocooned in a cradle of infinite love

We blend effortlessly

without the…

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