Express your Mess

Peacock Poetry

As you will have no doubt detected from previous posts, I am a deeply emotional person. I notice that when I express this intensity people around me are at ease as this is who I am at my most authentic. During a powerful chat with my Leadership mentor, Ronnie Clifford, we explored how important it is for me to externalise my experience. Inspired by the conversation and Ronnie’s encouragement, I wrote the following poem.

Voicing it Out

There’s power in externalising

What we live inside

For second guessing and surmising

Are a soul denied

Expressive types have feelings hyped

and they sure need some airing

So let it out, and up you pipe

More blurting and less caring!

When we set free our rage and glee

We give the world permission

We have a duty to be free

Your voice is your ignition

When your full self you’re actualising


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