Secrets of a lone girl; the life perspectives

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Meet me here

in the middle of nowhere

Stuck in here

At the heart of somewhere

That no one knows where

My eyes are

But I only see darkness

Clouded in my mind

I feel the chills of the water

at my feet

And it is slowly creeping up my body

Hugging me like a creeping branch

Can you hear my sobs?

The water is up my knees

My legs are static


Do you hear me now?

It is at my waist

And I am slowly suffocating

Hold me up

Tell me I can walk through this


Please save me

My nose is gradually filling up

I can’t feel me no more

I can’t hear me no more

I can’t believe me no more

I am lost in the barrels of this ocean

And its waters have eaten my soul away


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