Don’t skip the Kip

Peacock Poetry

After some decent shut-eye, the world feels like a completely different place. A good night’s kip allows body, soul and mind to refresh and we are so much more resilient when we have slept well. I try to switch off devices an hour before bed and find that going to bed and waking up at the same time helps me to regulate my sleep patterns. What helps you to drift off to the land of Nod?

Slumber Number

A night of solid sleep

Can put the world to rights

The benefits we reap

We build both strength and light

A night of peaceful slumber

Recharges and resets

We’re cooler than cucumbers

Our bodies needs are met

When we catch forty winks

Or forty two or more

We iron out our kinks

Prepared for what’s in store

Some folk like counting sheep

and others candles light

A night of solid sleep

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