Love Rush

Peacock Poetry

When you go through challenging experiences with a group of people, they often remain in your heart forever. This was definitely the case at the second inner leadership that I attended last week. The personal growth that our Iguanas tribe experienced has no doubt bonded us for life. The genuine love, trust and emotional intimacy experienced was, quite frankly, off the scale!

Luxurious Love

To bathe in love is wonderful

It changes you for ever

The truth and beauty in us all

Expands when we’re together

What luxury this is to me

To soak in pure affection

The best things in this life are free

I cherish our connection

The warmth of touch, it means so much

The holding gives me courage

No longer must I grasp and clutch

This is my time to flourish

And everything’s more colourful

Can access this whenever

To bathe in love is wonderful


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