Changing and Rearranging

Peacock Poetry

Staying true to form can be a constraining ideal to adhere to at times. In some ways, acting as we always have done allows us to adopt and convey a consistent sense of self and makes both us and our loved ones feel safe. And yet we are changing all of the time. We are not exactly the same person we were yesterday, or the day before for that matter. When we begin to define ourselves with more fluidity, there is much more room for growth and surprise. And we were also born to evolve and expand. How are you changing?


I have many forms

So please do not type-cast me

The fountain or the storm

Depends what nature asks me

Chameleons are clever

Sometimes I’m one of them

The force or the fine feather

The microphone, the pen

My ears drink in the stasis

My soul perceives each…

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