Secrets of a lone girl; the life perspectives

Memories don’t blow

away the fragrance of yearning

sounds mellow

 in my mind and I am here pining

 for the lost of your touch and your words that were shallow

in my head,

in my mind,

they kept resonating

in my empty heart like a loud clamor

I only hold on to the beacon of hope

the beacon of life

the beacon of happiness

and the beacon of sanity

that veils my confused thoughts inches from insanity

Echo echoes sorrows

Just like your name, “Ekow”

That keeps muddling with my being

And ripping my soul into shreds

Like pieces of papers that can never be assembled

“Ekow”, echo love from your memories

and give up spreading false stories

because your memories now only echo

love from the pain

believe, from the shreds

hope, from the befog

Like your disappearance into the unknown

for good

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