High on the Hills

Peacock Poetry

This morning as I walked out for an early stroll before a session with my fabulous coach, I was struck once again by a sense of natural belonging. Being outside in the hills puts the world to rights and makes me feel I matter, no matter what. Good old nature hey?


Come as you are, there’s no need for mask and veils

You’ve travelled oh so far and your sparkled soul prevails

Come as life takes you, as the moment wants to speak

Being you won’t break you and your realness is not weak

Come as God made you, as your heart vibrates today

Don’t let doubts invade you, you are perfect just this way

Come in the knowingness you’re welcome and you are worthy

Come in joy and in distress,

when life is topsy turvy

A galaxy of stars is from where your twinkle hails

Come as you…

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