The Virginia Holocaust Museum, Richmond, Virginia

John Cowgill: Stories of the Railroad


Throughout history there has been mad tyrannical leaders who have been determined to wipe out human life.  Some have succeeded in wiping out nations of people.  The most attacked group of people in all of history has been the Jewish people.  Throughout the centuries, tyrants devoted their lives to ending the Jewish race.  Many will say that one of the worst moments in history was when a German leader named Adolph Hitler made a quest to wipe out the Jewish people from the face of the earth.  Although he was able to wipe out millions of the Jewish people in Europe during World War II, his quest ended in failure as the Jewish people survived and are still among us today.  The Virginia Holocaust Museum in Richmond, Virginia takes you what was a horrific time.  As you walk through the museum, it gives you a glimpse of what many innocent…

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