With You – An Exploration of #Love, #Relationships, #Commitment and #Romance



Love is a Timeless Endeavor. It is not Fleeting or Transient. It does not turn its face away in times of trouble. It does not look backward, wondering. Love Stands Strong. It Holds Fast when mighty waves crash against it and when storms lash upon the shore. Love is not a Flickering Flame, washed by the currents that brush past it; Love is a Blaze, Burning Brightly, Radiating Fiercely, Lingering Long past the Elemental Inferno, where embers Softly Glow through the long night.

Love is not a shadow, lurking, suspicious and mean-spirited; it is not unkind or vindictive. Love Fills the Souls of Two made entirely for each other and offers an Irreplaceable Opportunity to Cherish and Be Cherished.

Love is not self-seeking. It does not look to its own needs, but only to Another’s. It Helps, Guides, Protects, and Guards. It Waits long past the expected time of…

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