Lucky Buggers

Peacock Poetry

A few weeks ago I took the wise decision of booking a couple of overnight stays in a posh hotel whilst assisting at a coaching course in Zürich. As I made my last-minute booking it suddenly dawned on me what a privilege it is to have the means to make such decisions. This feeling of gratitude led me to thinking about those not fortunate enough to be able to make such decisions, resulting in the following write.

Not for Granted

Not everyone stays in hotels

Books last minute rooms when they please

We don’t all have whistles and bells

We don’t all have comforts like these

Not everyone studies and learns

Or grows up with comfort and class

Survival is all that some yearn

No time to just sit on their arse!

Some live feeling permanently sorry

Some sleep on cold benches at night

Dreaming to have high-class worries


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