#Honor and #Memory of Scattered Flowers – #FourthofJuly #Remembrance



For All

Who Give more than they receive,

Who Stand against the surging tides,

Who Cherish Each Breath, Each Heartbeat;

For there may not be another,

Who Sacrifice that others might not,

Who Uphold what is taken for granted,

Who are Unseen, often Unheard;

Yet Never Forgotten,

Who walk in Honour



And Boldly Go into the darkness

Where others fear to tread.


All Heart-felt Gratitude and Unwavering Respect

To All Those Who Have and Do



What is the cost of Death and Shadows,
Fire and light?
What is the Impact of bombs exploding
Through the Harrowing Night?

Do we consider the Tears and Sorrow,
Guns and Ammo?
Who carries the Flag,
our Soldiers in Camo?

Will we remember their Courage and Honor
Their Distinction by Hours?
What Tribute of Memory remains
Beyond the Scattered Flowers?

Scattered Flowers

In Loving Remembrance of all those who have and who…

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